So I haven't been here in ages and I haven't written in two years or so - I wanted to, but nothing came out. Maybe because of that this one is very toned down, slow-paced, and maybe not that proggy at all.

I attached a slightly remixed gp5 file but I used a soundfont to write it, so if you want to hear the original go to my soundcloud (in the signature).

Not sure if I'm even really looking for comments, I'm just happy if you check it out. I'll comment on yours if you want, though.

Cheers guys.
4 - Ten Years Later midi.gp5
I've always admired your solo-writing abilities. When I'm writing in Guitar Pro I can't really think "organically" in terms of what one would actually do in a solo, e.g. slides and bends and staccato and stuff, but it seems to come so naturally to you. Even your vibrato choice is fuckin perfect. I don't understand. Your phrasing is just so catchy. I'll admit I've improved a little bit in that area but I still aspire to be at your level hahah

The shit around 0:57 is so fucking gooooood, I never think to do that shit, the interplay between the panned guitars

I'm listening to the soundcloud version by the way

i dunno what else to say. i really enjoyed the mood of it. i feel that you're pretty good at keeping a consistent mood throughout the song, that's something i struggle with

also hey
Refreshing to see this more lyrical, less hyper technical prog. I second RedDeath in saying that the solo writing feels absolutely so smooth and natural. The track overall feels very meditative and peaceful. The outro delay was a really perfect touch.
Bar 74 is like Karnivool levels of feels, so dramatic, nice stuff. The 'bass' is actually awesome, it's like Gazelle Twin so it just makes everything feel massive like we're bathing in it all.

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I like this a lot. It has a very calm, but deeply contemplative and introspective mood throughout. The song was extremely cohesive and constructed very well. There's nothing that's out of place. There's nothing that can be construed as "overdone." It's a very clean composition that has an excellent prog/electronica balance.
The solo bits at 146-147 are so good lol. and bar 34 is still amazing, i didn't realize it was charang. I used to love that midi sound, still do.