Hi everybody So, what i wanna ask you is if its possible to have the red channel boosted and the clean channel unboosted using a MIDI / looper device. Will a device like the boss es8 allow me to do that? If not, is there any way i can do that using another device? The way im picturing the whole thing in my head ; sending the delay and the reverb in a loop so when im a pressing the according button both are engaged. I ll probably do the same thing with other pedals too and try and combine them. And finally, making two more presets (or banks i dont know how they called lol :p) , one that engages the amps clean chanel (like its original footswitch) and one more that engaes its red chanel paired with an boost (maxon od808). Thanks in adcance guys and sorry for my english, i hope you understnad what im trying to say :p
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