I ordered two pickup covers for my 339 and unfortunately one of them came with a defect:

Full album: http://imgur.com/a/PQv8S

If I went ahead and installed the cover, would the gap cause any noticeable problems, like squealing? I'd give it a go, but soldering the cover effectively ruins any chance of returning the cover, which I'm reluctant to immediately do since return shipping + turnaround time for a new cover will be a PITA.

Thanks y'all!

Thanks for the advice Udjine, I actually purchased them directly from StewMac, so return shipping is on me (which is almost as expensive as the actual cover)
The damage isn't going to effect sound at all. Chances are the company you bought it from would replace it if you contacted them but if you just want to get it on your guitar and play then there is no real reason not to.
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