56 Epiphone Les Paul Gold Top with Seymour Duncan invader synyster gates Pickups
ESP LTD EC-256 Flame Top Lemonburst with dimarzio 36th anniversary paf Pickups

Give me your thoughts.
You need to be specific as to what exactly you're looking for. What kind of neck profile do you want? Would you prefer the full thickness body of the Les Paul over the Eclipse? What is your budget?
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Id say the LTD, but i generaly dislike the beffier necks and heavines of the epiphones.
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Well considering that the the guitars you have listed are as different as night and day it would help if we knew how you intend to use it.


What amp do you use? (you probably need a new one



Are you willing to buy used and get more guitar for your money?
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Pickups aside the main differences I see are the Epiphone will have a thicker neck profile, the Epiphone will have a thicker and heavier body. I prefer the LTD generally because of the thinner neck and body in general.