i am new to drumming. i dont really study theory or understand drum techniques, so i just play along to songs with my amateur band.

can someone please write some drum techniques for me? sorry for being noob.
Learn a paradiddle. RLRR and LRLL...left right left left and right left right right . Practice starting with your right hand RLRR and left hand LRLL and build up speed. Try playing Wipeout with that sticking instead of the easier RLRL or LRLR alternating hand roll that we usually do.

Learning to those double notes (LL and RR) in the middle of a roll will help you greatly down the road. Anyone can go RLRLRLRL, but RLRRLRLL requires more control/thought.

So, the sticking would be: RLRRLRLLRLRRLRLL and so on. Then start with your left: LRLLRLRRLRLLRLRR
Do you know the basic beat? 1/4 so hi hat 4 times then repeat until that's second nature then throw in a snare hit on 2 and repeat till that's second nature, finally your bass drum on 4 so it goes hh, hh/snare, hh, hh/bass, then repeat. That's your basic beat
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