Hey guys... I have been on a pedal buying spree and seeking advice on what order to put things in... and what to put into the look and would love some general thoughts.

Amp is a Friedman 20 Run -> Avatar 2x12 with Eminence speakers for reference. Guitars are PRSi or 50's Road Worn Strat.

Pedal List:
Friedman Sir-Compre
EH NEO Clone
Pro Tone Haunted Delay
Keeley Katana Clean Boost
Digitech Polaria Reverb

Items I have, but not in use:
Bogner Ecstasy Red
MXR Phase 90
Ibanez TS 7

On the way:
Horizion Precision Overdrive

Currently they are all running in that order into the front of the Friedman.

Considering moving the Delay, Chorus, and Reverb into the loop... but still not sure on order of everything.
- Anthony
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Chorus should stay our front IMO, but the delay->reverb for the EF loop is solid.

Not sure what all your pedals do but generally speaking

Wah->boost->distortion/OD->modulation->front of amp

ef loop-> EQ->delay->reverb->ef loop

But there are no rules. try different positions, watch videos, have fun
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I'd probably put the clean boost toward the front of the line. delay and reverb in loop (and experiment with chorus there as well). if you get a phase 90 try that at the beginning before boost/overdrive and after to see which you like better (there will be a difference in sound)
If you are running your amp clean, you can keep everything in front of the amp. If you use amp overdrive or distortion I would recommend using the the amp effects loop. Note that I consider the phaser as a filter not modulation. A filter similar to a wah, but instead of controlling it by foot it changes with a fixed rate. This reflects the placement. The boost can serve 2 functions. Placement 1 is a gain boost. It will overdrive more distorting a compressing the signal. Placement 2 works only in the effects loop and only adds volume but no gain.

Guitar > wah > phase 90 > compressor > *1 boost > over drives and distortions > chorus > amp
Effects loop > *2 boost > delay > reverb.

You can place the chorus in the effects loop after the Boston but before delay. I prefer EHX before the amp.

If you do not have a good isolated powersupply, consider one to reduce noise from the pedals.