I have been trying different presets and amp settings with different pedals but unfortunately i am not able to get the perfect frusciante sound in the song 'under the bridge' on Garageband. Plz help me out here!! It will be forever in your dept if you could tell how i could set my amps and pedals so that i can get that perfect 'under the bridge' sound!!
Udjine hey man!! i have a roland amp 15x but i was specifically trying Garageband mac application with my guitar audio interface - xenyx302usb for playing this song. so could you help me in finding the perfect amp settings in the garage band that i could use?
I don't have any experience with garageband either.
But I have to ask are using a guitar with humbucker or single coils? Because it may be hard to get a good approximation of that tone with a humbucker.

As far as I remember he used a strat (neck pickup for the most part if memory serves me well), a compressor and a Boss chorus pedal in front od the amp and a Marshall major running clean. So you might want to tog around with some plugins that simulate those.