Hey guys, I'd like some advice. So I finally started writing my own music, and this is technically the first song I'm actually proud of creating. It's most relevant to the genre of music I like and I really think it has potential, but apart from the intro I tried creating the rhythm for the next part but I can't really get a good idea going on the guitar, also any tips for programming a good bass line in GarageBand? I don't know the first thing about playing bass as I'm not sure what the role of a bass player is in a band. Any advice is appreciated. Song is in E Minor.

Very proud to share with you all my very first piece of music, been working on this for over a month. I did the best I could with synthesized instruments, the guitars are real though. It's a very rough mix, please share your thoughts. It's not perfect, but neither were the circumstances that lead to it's creation.