Ok, so I just received this Peavey bandit 112 in a trade yesterday. Loving the amp so far other than the fact that when you turn the reverb past 2 or 3 on either clean channel or gain channel it squeals like crazy. Even if guitar is unplugged. Any ideas?
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Does it have the reverb tank at the bottom on the cab? Maybe you could unplug it to try and track down the failure. I kind of think its hardwired though. Good luck, hopefully someone has a real answer.
geo-rage It does have the tank on the bottom of the cab. Unfortunately you are correct and it is hard wired.
geo-rage actually upon close look, it is not hardwired. I disconnected and pulled it out. The contacts were very oxidized. As of right now I'm cleaning them and will report back.
Update: so pulling the reverb tank and cleaning the connections did not solve the issue. But when I left the reverb tank out of the cabinet the squeal was not near as bad. Is it possible that there is some sort of interference between the amp and the reverb tank?
After cleaning the connections and tightening down the tank, I can now turn the reverb to 5 before it slightly starts to squeal as before it started at 3. Any ideas?
bad reverb tank. spring is likely loose. best you can likely do is take it out or perhaps see if you can find an affordable replacement
monwobobbo I should have worded better my apologies, when the tank was out of the cabinet I still had it hooked up. Could it still mean the reverb tank is bad?

if you are still having issues with the tank out then the problem probably is elsewhere. not sure what to tell you
Hmm, I received this amp from a trade from my guitar repair man. Maybe I can see if he can take a look at her for me.
I have this exact same amp, but it's the mesa boogie rectifier version. I found that most people put a rolled slice of salami in place of the reverb tube, and change out the speaker for a light bulb. Haven't had any problems since.
Haha nah is all good bud. I like it! Just like to keep it interesting and experiment with sliced meats :-)
I had the exact same problem with the Peavey Backstage Plus I bought from the swap meet. It turned out to be a roll of string under the reverb tank. Worked perfectly since.

Pull the tank on yours and see what's on the bottom.
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Did you shake it? The idea was to cut the reverb tank wire in half and then turn the amp on and sweep the reverb knob all the way back and forth with the amp on and the volume up. If the noise is gone then you could suspect the reverb tank. If the noise is still there at all then the tank is not suspect. OR you could just rip the whole reverb tank out with your bare hands and punt it into the yard.
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mobidguitar So with the reverb tank unhooked, it doesn't squeal at all. The rubber grommets are still in good shape. Everything looks to be ok. There is some black stuff inside the 4 springs that hold everything to the casing.
Cool thats a clue! Like you said, when you cleaned it up a bit it sounfed better. Maybe if you clean it some more and put it back it will work again.
I'll have to pick up some electrical cleaner and see how that works. Unless anyone has some ideas of household items that may clean it well?
There isn't any I'd use but the contact cleaner.
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Ok thanks, yeah this is the old bandit 112s and the corrosion was pretty bad. Pry wouldn't hurt to clean the pots and inputs on the amp while I'm at it. As we speak I have coffee grounds inside the amp to get rid of the bar smell (stale cigarette smell) from the amp. It is bad enough to give you a headache when you are near it playing for a long while.
You can use a rubber pencil eraser to clean the contacts. Lysol helps with the smell, but it corrodes metal. Haha i know what you mean about that old cigarette smell.
I've never heard of the pencil eraser trick. I may have to try that later or in the morning