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hello people, these are my songs from my one man band deal:SPECTRENEMESIS
I appreciate all feedback good bad and ugly, let me know what you think
my music is intentionally weird and abstract because im trying to push into something different, not exactly break ground but different.
this might help in understanding where im going....
my main influences are:
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
The Beatles
Massive Attack
Iggy and the Stooges...
and many many more

my lyrics are smart ass commentaries have deeper meanings if you listen close.

everything about my songs from the title to the lyrics are intentional so it might sound weird but mean something..i'm creating a puzzle.

actually looking to start a band to play out so if you live in philadelphia or the surrounding area let's talk, if you like what you hear or feel you can add to it
here's my SC links


thats just a few, I have a whole bunch written..these are sort of the demos, im just really starting to crack and get into computer production....i like it the hard way with Hardware DAW's and Reel to Reels but im always looking to sound better and better
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