I'm playing bass in a death metal band. Tuned to Drop C, guitars are regular 6 strings. I'm finding myself highly restricted with only 4 strings. I am getting a 6 string bass with tax money.
I've been thinking of how to best utilize the extra strings for my role in the band. I have this as an idea.
My goal is to just drop tune the low end. One song in particular we have, just doesn't sound right when I hit the G. Its not low like it should be.
I would have to keep the 4th string in C to compensate with the guitar chord progression. That's how I figure this anyway.

I need the 6 strings because I'm doing a lot of tapping on the fret board, and also playing my fair share of chords.

I'm concerned about string gauges though. I'm not sure what is a good gauge for that low G.
Currently on my 4 string I have 45-125. I believe it came as a 45-115 or maybe just a 110, but the low C was dead in the water, so to speak.
I have no issue with the higher strings, but clarity on the low end is an issue.
Any suggestions?
When tuning as low as G, you're absolutely going to lose clarity on a standard 34" scale bass. I'd suggest getting something with at least a 35" scale or even a fanned fret, which would be even better (Ibanez makes a 6 string fanned fret, or there's Dingwall). Depending on the amount of tax money you're getting, this could get expensive haha

I'd contact Chris at Kalum Strings or go to their website since they have a gauge calculator which will help choose the ideal gauges for even tension
Just for reference though, personally I'd try 30, 50, 70, 90, 125, 165.

Just buy a Dingwall and all will be well with the world

p.s. not spon
That Dingwall suggestion is wonderful. I've never heard of it before but have fallen in love. Someday I will own one. But it is not this day.
Yeah, I'm on the more budget friendly side and am considering holding off on this for a short time. I still need to upgrade amp and cab before anything else. Though I have not decided completely on any one thing just yet. The Ibanez's are amazing. Thats what my 4 string is and its pretty damn good for as cheap as it was ($350 USD)
You'll want to see if your amp/speaker cabinet combination can really reproduce that low G. That's around 24Hz, and most cabinets won't hit 35Hz at -3dB. If it can't, there's pretty much no point in worrying about getting it on the bass guitar.