Hey all thought I'd finally post some pics of my pedal board build. It's all built out of 1x4s.. I believe the dimensions are 16"x22".. I first cut the sides with a table saw on an angle basically from one corner of the 1x4 to the opposite corner to get the angle.. I decided to use bolts with nuts and washers to attach the sides to the back and give it a more heavy duty look than just using screws.. I just put blocks of scrap wood in the corners to thread the bolts through.. then screwed on the top boards. Gave it a good sanding, stain, and three coats of varnish.

Added an AC power inlet to the side and cut the end off an extension cord, wired it to the AC inlet and glued the cord to the bottom of the board. My power supply was attached to the bottom of the board using velcro. Also got some rubber feet to keep it from sliding.

I attached the pedals using velcro, and wired them all up.. Blue lights from underneath are just LEDS from my power supply.. I think that's about it.. Materials were probably around $50..

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Looks very good - but I am not sure I would want to angle the pedals more than they are angled anyway. But you could always add flat bits to the ends and more them when you get some more switch only ones. Now you need to build a flight case for it.
Ya it is a bit of a trade off for the angle.. the pedals in the back row are a bit easier to access without hitting knobs on the other pedals however it makes the board bigger and will need a larger case.. Doing it again I might go for less angle just to save space..
That's cool! I like the attention to detail. Having the space between the 1x4s so you can get your patch cables out of the way is a good idea; both of my boards are a flat sheet of plywood. And the LED on your power supply underneath looks neat too. Nice work.
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