If I could be the king for a day
I'd rule with a silver tongue
I may tell a lie every once in a while
But I swear it's all in fun
I need to know you're the one that will pay attention

If I could live in a hilltop castle
Overlooking Penobscot Bay
If I ever came down, I'd be one for the people
And hear every word they say
And tell them to treat every day like a new adventure

This could all come to an end, some day we'll see
I guess no one knows what'll happen to you and me
Try and live each day like it's your last
You'll never catch your future flying past

Believe me, I've tried to keep everyone happy
Neglecting my own free time
But those days are over, I'm growing older
It's about time this life was mine
I'm taking every chance I find just to be remembered


If I could be the king for a day
I could rule with an iron fist
Pawn off all the pieces
Of a crown that never fit
But I could never just sit around and waste our time...