I purchased the head for $4,000 from Schecter with tax as well as the cabinet from Musicians' Friend for $1,249. And now heading to college, would need some extra cash... have to lowball it sadly.

This is the exact same type of amplifier that used by Avenged Sevenfold to record their album Hail to the King and The Stage! It's the only USA-made set that you can still find now as far as I know. Co-designed by James Brown and Synyster Gates, it's like a perfect hybrid between Marshall JCM800 and Bogner Uberschall. It fits almost all kinds of play style with 2 clean channels, two overdrive channels, and a built-in noise gate. The only defect is on the footswitch, two lights don't work. Also the footswitch plug had fallen off that cause your connecting cable to be loosened. But that does not affect its usage at all.

Here's my listing on Reverb:

Again, price is negotiable. I really need to sell it asap. Don't hesitate to send me an offer! Thanks.