Hi people, I found this awesome version of Black Betty and tryed my best to figure out the the chords... but however I do it it just doesn't work. Hope somebody with more experience might be able to help me out.
I'd be really gratefull if somebody could take pity on me, thank you

It can be hard to figure out the notes in raspy chord strumming like this. Do you have Guitar Pro 5? I gave it a shot, attached below.

BTW I think this part of the forum is more for original songs in tab form, you might want to try Tab Talk in the future
black betty - cadillac dreamers tab.gp5
black betty - cadillac dreamers tab.pdf
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Woohoo sounds much better than what I kinda figured out( by watching the video in slowmo and looking at the fingers) Thank you soooo much

And thanks for the advise too, it was my first thread and I was kinda confused where to put it.