So I've got some signed gig tickets and don't want to lose them. My idea is to permanently put them on the body of my bass.

Not sure how to go about it to make sure that the results are clear, can take a bit of a beating, and won't damage the ink, etc. on the tickets.

I was considering a glue for the base and then a coat of clear resin over the tickets once the glue has set.

What are your thoughts?
Modgepodge, buts its gross looking and probably wont last 5 years. Maybe it can be buffed. There is also that crystal clear epoxy that people turn scorpions into paper weights with. Just be weary that the coating doesnt disolve the ink on the tickets.
What you're thinking of doing is really invasive. Why do this and risk doing permanent damage to the finish? The only way you're really going to make the tickets adhere well to the finish and make them durable is supergluing the tickets onto the body and spraying poly clearcoat over them to seal them in.

Why not just put the stickers on the case like any normal person would?
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No need to sound so offended by the idea.

It's an old, cheap, piece of shit bass that I'm wanting to put them on. Not the good one that I actually play.
formalrs I'm not offended, it just confuses me why you'd want to do this.

If it's such a cheap pos bass then do what I've suggested. But overall I think its not a good idea. Lots of ways it can go wrong.
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