Hi Members,

I am interested in Ibanez RG350DX as a second guitar in which I can switch too when I fancy a change of feel and sound.

I was wondering about buying a better bridge and pickups when I get time if I do decide to buy this guitar. I haven't brought it yet but I like the fact it looks like Rob Arnold's RA 600 ESP LTD which is no longer available which is a bummer.

I was thinking of EMG 81 pickups to fit into this guitar and wasn't sure if they would fit and not sure about the bridge upgrade. Also if you can suggest better then EMG 81 or other alternatives not Seymour as I own Hb range I believe.

Thanks for your help,

First, I would wait until I knew what that guitar sounds like before contemplating a pickup change.

Second, if you DO decide to do a swap, going from passive said to actives might involve routing a space for the battery out of the Ibby's body. If you don't want to do that, some passive pickups sound a lot like EMGs. To my ears, the Lace Alumitone Deathbuckers fit that description.

Here's a guy comparing Deathbuckers to EMGs.

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by the time you buy a better trem and better pickups you could just buy a better rg. which is likely a better plan. get a prestige.
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