I have a long-time friend who owns lots of really nice guitars. I don't know how many now, I haven't been at his place in a while because he lives in France and I moved to the US.

Anyway, he's looking to sell two of them: one is an Ibanez Artfield AFD40 (a pretty rare kind from the 80s). Another one is a Vigier (I think Passion). I've tried both a long time ago and obviously these are very nice guitars, both geared towards technical playing I think it's fair to say. I don't know yet how much he's selling the Vigier for (probably out of my price range), but the Ibanez I might be able to swing (plus he's giving me a little friend discount), although I definitely had not planned on shelling that much cash on a guitar at the moment, but it's pretty rare and it's pretty nice.

Also, I had kind of decided I was going to get a PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd in the future for that kind of playing style (basically right now I have an ES-335, I'd like to have a guitar with a trem, so the PRS was going to address that need), so now I'm pondering if I should be flexible and ditch my PRS plans and get the Ibanez, or stick to my original plan and get the PRS and ignore the lure of the Ibanez.

The Artfield is a very nice guitar (although he put white EMGs on it - yuck! , but at the same time it doesn't have a FR-type bridge for example, and I was kind of going for that with the PRS... so I'm leaning towards sticking to my original plan, but I wonder what people here would say., and what they think they'd do in my situation, because I'm kind of second-guessing myself and I'm afraid I'm making the wrong decision, which I may regret later...

The Ibanez is probably the better built of the two, although by now, the PRS SE line is probably pretty well-built, I'm not sure there would be a huge gap between the two. I was initially going for a guitar with a Floyd Rose and the Ibanez does not have one... I remember the neck pickup on the Artfield getting in the way of the pick a little too... to be perfectly honest (and 100% shallow) I prefer the finish on the PRS (that Trampas green is awesome)... both are very comfortable, body and neck... to me it's a tough call, the PRS would be cheaper (used), and I was going for that one, so I'm leaning towards the PRS.

But the Artfield is unique, sure. Just how important that is or should be to make the decision, I'm not sure. To me it's not such a big deal. I think to my friend it is because when I told him of my plans he kind of scoffed at the PRS and said "PRS, they're kind of... common, no?". Well I suppose, like Fender or Gibson, yes, but I don't really care about turning heads, just finding a good guitar. I think he doesn't get excited about what he calls 'common' guitars like strats, which is the reason why he has the Artfield and Vigier I suppose. Good for him for having the cash... I don't have it! :-D And I don't think that PRS or Fenders or Gibsons are 'common' guitars just because there is a somewhat large volume of them produced and available...

Maybe it's the French in him that makes him point out negatives instead of positives... :-p