As of right now I have a 59 custom hybrid in the bridge of my strat and a 59 in the neck. I find the 59 to be a bit boomy and think it's gonna be better suited in my tele. I was wondering what to replace it with. I want something similar, definitely a PAF. What I was considering was a Pearly Gates. My question about the Pearly Gates though is how well it will pair in terms of EQ with the 59/C. My strat has a master volume and tone so I can't just eq for the neck and and turn to bridge tone down. So in a strat wit 500k pots, would the Pearly Gates be bright and "boom-free"? If so, I will buy one and try it out. If not, I'd like other suggestions before I go through the trouble and the money of getting one. I'm also considering the Saturday Night Special.
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Also, and this is mainly just to bump my post, how does a Pearly Gates sound with an A4 in the neck?
59's always pair with JB's. Always.
I don't even own a JB. And I'm looking for a neck for the 59/custom hybrid.
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59's always pair with JB's. Always.

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+1 on the JB. Tried and true.
JB necks are one of the most versatile neck pups out there, imo.
I have a JB jr in the neck of my ESP, paired with a TB-6.
It's yummy