If anyone on here could give me some pointers (or anyone that knows what their guitarists use) on how to get a guitar tone similar to The Plot In You's first album First Born I would REALLY appreciate it. I've wanted to replicate the tone from that album ever since I first heard it a few years ago.
I posted a thread asking for help with a general deathcore guitar tone a few weeks ago and surprisingly I've managed to dial in some pretty solid tones thanks to some people on here so I figured it was worth a shot to ask.
martintrenity I don't know the answer, but keep in mind what you typically hear on a studio album is several amps mixed together, a lot of production, various mics, the room ambience, and experiences producers/engineers. I've found it's not worth the effort to try to exactly replicate an album's tone. I just look into the gear that the band uses live and go for that...