Hello all,

I am looking to purchase an Ibanez RG to add to my arsenal but I don't want to break the bank doing it. This, of course, means things like the Premium or Prestige etc are right out. Pretty much looking at the Standard range (using Ibanez's website categories).

I was originally going to pick up a Jem JR but the price is too high for my impressions of it. This is the only Ibanez I have played in 20+ years of playing guitar, and frankly I wasn't blown away and spending $650+ (including hard shell), was not going to happen just for some fancy inlay and a handle. So I carried on, checking out things like RG1XXVs and RG3XXVs on various sites, but again, those seem a tad pricey for what I want to budget on this project.

Finally this week I came across the RG470MB and from the specs this is right where I want to be. It's priced around $400 so that's not so bad, but this still brings me back to my issue with the JemJR I played last year... How do the 470's play? Are they decent quality representatives of the RG family? Now I have seen video on YouTube of RG470s and they sound good and seem to play well and stay in tune... But I'm an Ibanez newbie, so I'm not sure if the 470 is a quality mid-range guitar or low end and not with the $?

Can anyone shed any light on the RG470 series? The 470mb will not be available, per Sweetwater, until Febuary of this year, likely because that's a new model, but I will be purchasing it at GC for the simple fact that if I do not like it I won't even take it out of the store.

Any help will be appreciated.
Link To the Ibanez Product Page: http://www.ibanez.com/products/u_eg_detail17.php?year=2017&cat_id=1&series_id=1&data_id=197&color=CL01

I'd just go used. used rig's are dirt cheap and they haven't really changed all that much in years.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
I second going used.
Seriously, I've played a fair few guitars, and am a current (happy) owner of a prestige RG (which I bought used for an insanely low price on ebay), and you'd be surprised how little you get for paying two or three times as much.
Here's the low down: Your base model RG has 24 frets and two humbuckers. You want a floating trem? You pay a bit extra. Do you really need a floating trem? Are you gonna be playing steve vai or joe satriani stuff? I do sometimes. You want a HSH setup rather than HH? You pay extra. Do you really need that single coil? Mind it sounds quite wimpy next to the humbuckers; it's not quite as usable as it is on an SSS setup. You want neat looking direct mounted pickups? You pay extra. Copper shark fin inlays? Bound ebony fretboard? ZPS trem system with it's fancy thumbwheel? Gotoh machine heads? A neck that's 0.5mm thinner? I don't even like thin necks.
These are the things you are paying for with a more expensive RG, and for the most part, they are neither going to make you sound better, nor make you a better guitar player nor make you any happier in life.
If I'm going to be honest dimarzio pickups do make a significant difference, I dunno how hard it is to wind some copper wire round a magnet but they are doing something right, but you can always buy them aftermarket, and choose which ones you want as well.
So in conclusion, how guitars 'sound' and 'play' is a bit of a nonentity when buying a guitar; you change the sound of your guitar by blocking the trem, changing the pickups, changing the pickup height, changing the string gauge and so on, and you make it play well by giving it a decent setup, keeping the frets levelled and crowned, and getting used to the neck by playing it day in day out, keeping your strings clean etc. Paying more for a guitar just get's you bling most of the time. If bling is what you want, fair enough.
All that being said, the guitar you've got up there seems like it's on the more bang for your buck end of the market; if you're going to buy a new guitar, it wouldn't be such a bad choice I suppose.
I'll give you my opinion, FWIW. Low-end Ibanez guitars are just not very good. I played a 6003 recently and it was terrible. The frets were sharp, the edges of the fretboard itself were so square that it hurt my hand. I've also had an RG350MDX and a 370DXQM, plus a couple of others. Believe me when I say this, go Japanese. Just pass by the other ones, especially the ones below premium. I paid $500 for my prestige and it is in no way comparable to the cheaper ones I have had it is an entirely different level.

You should be able to find them used (mine is a 1570) but there are many different models. Used range is $500-$700 or so and it is MORE than worth it to go with the real deal. You may also be able to find an older MIJ 570 those are just about as good.

Of course this is all my opinion but it's coming from someone who almost gave up on Ibanez based on their cheap lines and now I find them to be my favorite, since I own a good one now.
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