I usually keep my wrist maybe 1.5-2 inches above the low E string. It was never something I really thought about. I kept it that way because it felt slightly more comfortable maybe.

Anyway, I was practicing alternate picking one note per string arpeggios (badly want to play Glass Prison solo), and the main issue I was having was that sometimes I just barely missed picking certain strings. Also because I'm a natural upward pick slanter (wide part of pick slants toward the ceiling), switching strings after an upstroke is harder than switching strings after a downstroke. See Troy Grady' lesson on pick slanting if you don't know what I'm talking about.

After plateauing for a while, suddenly everything started flowing beautifully. I scratched my head, and went back to playing, and all I that progress I just a made a second ago disappeared. An hour later, that magic came back to me. But after putting my guitar to get something to drink, the magic disappeared again. After this happened several times, I realized the difference was that my wrist was lower than usual when I started playing well. My wrist was right on top of the low E string instead of a inches above.

I discovered I was not in fact inherently an upward pick slanter. I just picked that way because it was physically impossible to pick comfortably any other way with my hand so high. I remember when I first discovered Troy Grady's stuff 2 months ago, I tried downward pick slanting, and I just couldn't do it anywhere near as well was upward pick slanting. Switching strings after an upstroke was still harder with downward pick slanting than with my upward pick slant even thought shouldn't be that way. Now with my picking hand lower, I can finally do downward pick slanting almost as well as upward pick slanting. I'm still more comfortable with upward pick slanting, but 2 way pick slanting is tons easier now, which explains why I'm having less trouble with arpeggios.

Now I'm sitting here wondering what type of progress I would have made if I discovered this in my early guitar playing years. It's killing me inside.
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