Hello everyone, I was wondering could I use thistle oil for my fretboard? There is no lemon oil to buy where I live, I could order it but I live in a galaxy far far away and it would take a month for it to get delivered. But I'm impatient to get my neck cleaned and shiny so I was wondering could I use thistle oil instead?
Here are the ingredients:
paraffinum liquidum, sesamum indicum seed oil, isopropyl miristate, arctium lappa root extract, retinyl palmitate, tocopherol, parfum, benzyl alcohol, limonene.

Thanks in advance!
Don't use that and don't use lemon oil either, both have stuff in them that actually dry your fretboard out. Think of it like licking your lips when they are chapped, it'll make it seam better short term but in the longrun it compounds the problem. I would suggest linseed oil if you need something that you can get from a hardware store. 2 or 3 drop on a q-tip or cotton swab is enough for a whole fretboard. Wipe it on, leave it for about 2 or 3 minutes and then wipe it dry. You should only need to do this every year or so. Even better than linseed oil is GHS fast fret which conditions your fretboard and increases string life but that is something you will have to get from a music shop or online. Another good product is the synthetic fretboard oil they sell at www.lmii.com I got a small bottle of it 10 years ago and I'm still using it to this day.
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I would suggest linseed oil

Just your regular linseed oil?
Any difference between one that is intended for eating and one for wood? Simply because as far as I can tell smallest packaging for wood is one liter, which is way to much. Edible one is in 250ml bottles, much less waste.
Lay off the linseed oil, too.

Use plain old mineral oil. Dirt cheap.

The Lemon Oil recommended is not *real* lemon oil (which is used in cooking), but is lemon oil furniture polish (Olde English is one brand), which is actually mineral oil with some cleaning solvents that smell slightly citrus-y. Don't use rosewood oil, either -- it's used for aromatherapy and isn't even made of the same "rosewood" as your rosewood fretboard.

Linseed oil in both "boiled" and regular versions is a polymerizing oil, like walnut oil or tung oil. It's a wiping varnish, and with non-boiled linseed/flaxseed oil, you can end up with a sticky mess that really never dries.
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and with non-boiled linseed/flaxseed oil, you can end up with a sticky mess that really never dries.

Damn, thanks for the heads up!
Mineral oil i.e. paraffin oil, right? The one you buy at a pharmacy, that's supposed to help with constipation?
I'm asking because when translated to my language literally, "mineral oil" is motor oil for internal combustion engines (Castrol, Valvoline etc).

I agree, I wouldn't use a hardening oil such as linseed. I've been using the same bottle of Dr Ducks for about 20 years, and I've still got about about 3/4 of it left. At a pinch I would use olive oil, but I've got nothing specific against mineral oil.

Use it very sparingly and not very often, and avoid letting it seep under the frets.