I listened to both tracks while I was tinkering around in my recording studio. Great stuff! You have full, rich tone that sounds great in my room speakers. Keep up the good work!
hey man, thanks for the review.
Red Sky is a pleasant listen. The guitar tones are nice and chimey and the way the track builds and gets going in the middle works well with the bass underneath. The only way it would sound better is if it was played in A=432Hz
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Hey Niall, this sounds really good. The reverb is perfect, it creates a really soothing atmosphere. It's really pleasant to listen to. Your playing is smooth too, I couldn't notice anything that was off. Like I said, it sounds dope. Definitely keep going in this direction, especially with the electronic stuff. The mix is really nice too, no complaints there. I'll be waiting for more!
Hey, thanks for the crit.

I like your tones man, esp your lead tones - they're quite nice / engaging. The track builds up nicely and keeps the interest levels high. Very well produced / recorded overall. Keep it up bro!
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Thanks for the crit on my song! I listened to yours and think it sounds great. Only thing I'd say is that the background ambience thing you start out with is kinda too loud throughout the song. like 2 decibels lower ought to make it so that you can still here it which is nice cuz it adds meat to the song but its still in the background.

Good Job though!