Hi guys, I'm looking for a new guitar my budget is about £800 and I play mainly metallica so any suggestions?
Pretty much any guitar with 2 medium to high gain HBs or EMGs that feels comfy in your hand will do the trick.
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A whole bunch of guitars there all under your budget new.
The only real thing you need is EMG's if you could provide a bit more info about things like body shape, scale length, neck profile and bridge style we could help a lot more.

Also, knowing what amp you have would help, because if you have a Spider, Cube, Marshall MG or other miscellaneous amp atrocity the answer will be to get a high gain valve amp instead of an EMG loaded axe.
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Any dual humbucker guitar that feels good to you will do the trick.

If you want to get as close as possible tone-wise, look for a set-neck, 24.75" scale guitar w/a mahogany body, and EMGs or high output passives for pickups.
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ESP guitar. Ec 1000 maybe with EMG pickups
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Check out the Jackson Pro Series.

For Strat shapes look at the new DK2 Dinky bolt on, or the neck thru SL2 Soloist.

For pointy shapes try the neck thru Rhoads Pro, or a KVMG... Lots more to choose from.

Choices of TOM bridge, hardtail or 1000 Series Original Floyd, ebony, rosewood or maple board, EMG's or Duncans.
That wonderful 12-16 compound radius fret board .

Go for it...
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N1ghtmar3C1n3mawhat do you think about the Ltd kh 602 or the Ltd m1000e?

The 602 is essentially the M1000 with super cheesy skull and crossbones inlays and an inflated price tag because it's a signature model.

The M1000 is a good guitar for sure, but are you certain you want a Floyd Rose bridge? You have to really want one of those and understand their shortcomings to make owning one over a fixed bridge worthwhile.
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T00DEEPBLUE At my store the kh 602 is about 10 pounds less than the m1000e, so without price which one is the best option?
Get whichever one you like more. As I've already said, in many ways they're the same guitar.

I'd get the M1000 solely because the skull and crossbone inlays look a joke imo.
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Don't know that its not so much the guitar you use as it is the amp. as it has the final say in what your guitar sounds like. As to guitars just pick the one you like best, You can coax some pretty brutal metal tones out of a Les Paul with the right amp.