Rotten Child is a Toronto based hard rock band. Since their inception in 2014, fiery frontwoman Foxy Roxy has been dropping jaws with her roaring vocals. Guitarist Nathaniel Harding joined the ranks in 2015 and his dynamic, intricate playing brought a new sound to the band. Rotten Child played their rockin' renditions of some memorable classic rock tunes, including songs by Jimi Hendrix, Ozzy Osbourne, The Doors, and The Rolling Stones. In 2016 Nathaniel introduced Patrick Contreras, who he had been playing with for 8 years prior, to the band. While initially playing bass for Rotten Child, it was decided that Patrick's gritty guitar riffs were better suited for the band, and he returned to his roots playing guitar with Nathaniel to create mesmerizing harmonies that became a key part of the band's signature sound. After playing killer shows at The Opera House and Lee's Palace in summer 2016, the band decided to shift their focus on original material. Rotten Child was joined by the very talented drummer Jason Hutchings (9 Lives and Counting, MALACODA) who shifted the originals, and the band to a whole new gear.

Moving forward Rotten Child is looking to find a bassist to complete their sound. They will be recording/releasing an EP this year, and subsequently playing shows around the GTA and Ontario. Eventually the goal would be to record more and later tour on a national and international scale.

What is Rotten Child is looking for?
- Someone who is looking to have creative input in the writing process.
- Must have own working gear.
- Can commit to 1-2 rehearsals per week.
- Must have reliable means of transport to rehearsals and gigs.
- Someone who is employed and can financially contribute to the band.

• If you possess other musical skills such as singing or proficiency in any other instruments, please send us any other materials (recordings, videos) and demonstrate these skills during your audition.

Next Steps:
Upon contacting us, we'll schedule a meet and greet to further interview and discuss the goals of the band. After this you'll be given 1-2 weeks to learn and create basslines for two of our songs. In this time period we will determine if you are a good fit for the band.

Check out the Rotten Child page for live videos, other contact methods, and more info: