Hey, does anyone have a site with good tabs for sweep picking from 1st up to the 12th fret
-3months experience
Ok, I'm going to be that guy.

Have you even looked? At all? There are millions of lessons on here, videos on youtube, and articles all over the web about sweeping, and if you're just looking for drills any of them will do.

I mean, really, I would advise that you learn how to make up your own sweeping drills, it's not particularly difficult, although I would suggest that, given your other thread about progress, you chill a bit and don't worry about sweeping too much. It's a cool technique that has its place, but I would be clamoring to learn it when you barely know anything about playing, or music, or anything really. You're still in the kiddie pool to be honest, and sweeping has very specific musical utility.

I mean, you'll get there in time and if you really want to learn it now then have at it... but there's nothing it will do now that, at least in my opinion, wouldn't be better served by making your alternate picking technique that much stronger.

Edit: just reread your other thread. If you don't know what an arpeggio is, ignore sweeping. It's not a technique that's exclusively for playing arpeggios, but just about every lesson you can find will point you towards playing arpeggios really fast, and right now that's not something you understand at all. Sweeping right now will do nothing but add shapes you don't understand and attempts to play them at speeds you can't manage.
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Sweeping after 3 months? Jeez dude slow down, you've got no chance yet...you have to learn to walk before you can run.
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Udjine My apologies, I did not read the UG lessons, it was really late and I made the post before looking at the other threads. I meant tabs as in non songs, just the sweep picking drill itself
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Sweeping after 3 months? Jeez dude slow down, you've got no chance yet...you have to learn to walk before you can run.


Contrary to the 100% correct advice Steven has given, however, I'm still going to add this little note:

I wouldn't worry too much about drills. Any segment of any song can be turned in to a drill. For the best improvement play slow and practise to a metronome.

The most generic sweep of all time though would be this:

Practise that everywhere all over the neck over and over and over and over and then over some more. Practise all 5 strings, practise with 4 and practise with 3 strings. Then practise some more. When you're done practising then practise some more.
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vayne92 Perfect, this is exactly something I was looking for. I'm going to include various picking styles as well, all down, all up, alternate and etc.
when I first started sweep picking, I watched a video with Herman Li doing the Am arpeggio on the 12th fret. I thought, hey Am is easy therefore the sweep for Am should be easy. It's not. It's more about the shape of the chord and how efficiently you can get in position whilst doing the arpeggio. So tldr, when looking for practice material look for easy sweep shapes.


instead of Am do Amaj so much easier.
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