Hi there,

I am pretty much an accomplished guitar player who just got into singing and I'm coming across big difficulties to be able to play guitar and listen to my voice while singing in a band rehearsal situation. It just the usual situation in which the drums sound too loud, in addition the volume of my guitar and bass won't help, plus, the PA gets feedback if I try to turn it up.

I was considering the option of buying a wedge monitor but I'm afraid that adding more ambient noise to studio won't ease things up. The other option I'm considering is to buy an In-ear monitor system. It looks like the most reliable solution for this problem but since that kind of gear is way expensive I would love to gather as many musician opinions as possible.

Does the an In-ear monitor system isolate you enough from extra noise in the room? Would it stop me from hearing my guitar as well? I would like use it only for my voice. I would like to listen to every singer-guitar player's opinion regarding in-ear monitoring or any other solution on how to solve hearing problems while singing.

Thanks in advance
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