Ok before I start, I'm not a Josh hater and in fact, believe it or not, The Getaway was the first RHCP album that I've finished listening the entire album.
Now I absolutely love and heard every John era albums and songs(finished listening their entire albums in less then 4 months), but I still love Josh era RHCP songs.
But the problem I see is when I hear them live. Apart from John era songs, when Josh is playing his own stuffs, IWY or The Getaway, I just don't like how he's playing those songs. For example, if you watch any live for the longest wave, goodbye angel or rain dance maggie, I see him often playing just some chords for the chorus parts, even though there're some beautiful guitar lines on studio version. I seriously don't get why he's doing that, it really kills the vibe for me.

and for most of the lives I see in youtube, I feel like the guitar sounds really "shallow" for both his own and John era songs. I saw them live back in Korea too and I barely heard he's guitar sound. I don't know if there was any problem in PA system or my ear, or if that also was the cases for you guys. but at least for youtube live videos, I always feel like the guitar tone is really shallow, no "oomph" tone so to say.

Also for chorus, I still think John's voice match better with AK's but still, I think Josh do have some unique chorus voice and I absolutely loved his chorus in catch my death song. But lots of times I see Josh skipping his chorus parts and again, that really kills the vibe for me haha.. If he can't sing the chorus for John era songs, thats fine for me but for his own stuffs?? I really think he should be able to do that, for both chorus and guitar.

I'm not saying every single song that Josh plays live sucks but still, I found those issue more than often which doesn't makes me want to listen their new songs live.
I'm not comparing Josh and John but strictly talking about Josh alone, your thoughts??