I moved to Tokyo 2 years ago into a small apartment with my family. I sold my half stack before I moved here and bought a Fender Mustang III just so I would have something. I mostly play with head phones or late at night at bedroom volumes. I've been researching a good 15watt or less tube amp to buy when I move back to the US next year. Only thing is I know I still won't be able to really crank an amp at home most of the time. Plus, I'm constantly changing my mind about what I want. So... I recently started using amp sims with Ableton live. I've got Amplitube 4 with the Orange amplifier pack and it sounds amazing. I'm starting to think I might just ditch traditional amps entirely in favor of amp sims, for home use at least. It seems like the tech is really getting good these days. My MIA Strat sounds pristine using this stuff.... much better than through my solid state amp. Plus it saves tons of money on hardware. Is there anyone out there who thinks the same?
LordYeti It's up to you, amp sims are very reasonable, when you change your living place time to time or have a small apartment. But solid state amps are still good comparing to amp sims, nevertheless as the tech continues to develop, it's possible that solid state will be replaced over some time.
I moved about 6 months ago into a place that I have to play at very low levels at all times. Add in I hate using headphones so it made for a sticky situation. I tried a few items, AxeFX, Joyo amp sim pedals (mesa and fender), but then settled on Line 6 Helix. Ultimately I wanted something that mimic'd my live rig as much as possible. So I could practice pedal shuffling and Wahs, but keep it as quiet as possible.

The Helix is amazing. I love the tones I get at low volume levels, plus it's an amazing piece of gear. It doe's so much. One thing that kind of sucks is it's so fun to try new things that I catch myself playing more with the Helix then the guitar. So I try to limit my fooling around time. It's also new to me, xmas present, so I'm sure the fooling around will diminish over time.

Even before the Helix, I loved what I could do with Axe FX and studio monitors.
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I use amp sims and tone patches a lot for practice, recording, and some live gigs. I still seem to get better dynamics and interaction live with an amp so tubes and speakers are still in my gig rig... for now...
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
I use my POD for recording, it's just plain easier and give decent results. agree with Cajundaddy that my amps have more dynamics but ease of use wins for home recording. no reason not to use amp sims for practice or recording as long as the sims have a decent sound.
I use Peavey ReValver on the computer for silent practice. Works great (though I have a Laney IRT-Studio on the way too. . . . . )!!
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