Review/life story first then pics.

I've owned two other 8 strings, an agile intrepid that I bought in 2010 and had for a year and a half and a carvin Dc800

purchased in 2012 that I had for about a year. I wasn't sure if I'd have much use for 8s anymore but I've been playing in a band

for about 2 and a half years now. We've got a few songs written in 8 string tuning territory that I've been doing on a 7 but I

decided to shop around for an 8 for future writing purposes.

Behold, a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid in UV finish! Notable specs:
slimline SLS neck profile w/ satin finish - thinner that I thought it would be which is great! I don't really mind slightly

thicker necks on 6s but 7s & 8s i like it thin. I haven't had a satin neck guitar in a long time and I'm glad this one has it.

Its lovely.
EMG 57/66 set - really digging these. they play nice with my eleven rack as well as my laney ironheart. between these and the

het set in my snakebyte I got last year, my faith in EMGs has been restored.
carbon fiber binding - looks pretty snazzy and im looking forward to seeing how the glow in the dark side dots perform.
Schecter locking tuners - I loved the schecter locking tuners that were on a previously owned blackjack c-7 and these are just as

Hipshot 8 flat mount bridge - I prefer TOMs and i think they make 8 string TOMS now(?) but this bridge is quite comfortable.

The axe is pretty lightweight and there isn't any neck dive! its a very comfortable guitar to play and the finish is beautiful.

Schecter seriously got it right with this one.

The cat approves.

So does the horse.

It was cloudy here but you can still kinda see the color changes.

Love the carbon fiber binding. The clear over the binding is just a little sloppy but I don't notice it while playing.

Loving the headstock and the tuners.

Finally the sun comes out so I can capture the finish.

Gorgeous backside and check out that neck!!

More down neck.


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Ver' nass. Ver' nass indeed.
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not sure how it compares to the ibby but it's thinner than my other guitars with the esp "thin u" contour. it feels pretty similar to my old washburn wg-587 which was really really thin.

7 String+ ERG Legion!!

LTD Snakebyte
Agile AL-727
ESP Horizon
Warmoth Swirled 7
Schecter C-1 Classic
Laney Ironheart 60w + Avatar Cab

Dang, dude! I'm typically not a fan of Schecter but I'd totally be proud to own that. HNGD!
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there's a horse?

i believe this is the first NGD thread i've ever seen with a horse.

very cool looking horse, can he keep a beat?

That is one sweet finish. HNGD!
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That is very nice. I will now be on the lookout for a 7 string version of that. Many congrats to you sir!!!
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that is one of the best looking schecters ive ever seen. THE best super strat from them , the finger board looks smooth as glass
Sweet, not a huge Schecter fan but this is sex.
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Sweet guitar I have short fingers so i do not get along with 8 strings but i do have a Schecter Damien Elite 7 in metallic black with EMG 81/85 it has beautiful abolone gothic cross inlays.

Anyway HNGD that finish is awesome I think Schecter is underated at times.!
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