My band 'Jake Quincey & The Big Rad Wolf' are set to release our debut EP 'Nothing Left To Lose... But The Blues' on 21st January 2017.

As a preview here is our debut single, also title 'Nothing Left To Lose... But The Blues'.

I'd love to hear what you think, and enjoy giving you feedback in return.


Sounds good man. Interesting mix of genre feeling the classical/blues/metal vibe and the use of the 3/4 time signature gives it all a bit of lilt, very original. Agree with above post about a little reverb on the vocals would finish it off nicely. Guitar tone is spot on, bass line intertwines really well, particularly from about 2:29 I like the use of a higher register in the bass, made for an interesting texture. Enjoyed it.

Check out my tune red sky: https://soundcloud.com/niallcatney/red-sky-13012017-21-12