Hi, if I have the chords for guitar for a music I can use it and play the same chord on piano? I don't play piano verry well and I can't find the chords for this music, but I have the guitar chords, and I want to know if I can use them, or if I have to change something

Oftentimes, I believe simple chord charts along with the melody line of a piece, are supplied to session players. That's also the premise behind the "fake books", you'll see as well. The melody isn't usually played in a vocal piece, and if it is, it's would normally be in the bridge when the singer isn't singing.

At any rate the clumps of notes you'll see on the musical staff, are pretty much the same chords as the symbols above the staff. However, the top note of the chord is more often than not, the melody note.

You can certainly noodle around with guitar chords on the piano. Very often, the chords (or rhythm, if you will), are played with the left hand, while the right hand plays the melody. Chord symbols are placed on piano music, largely because many guitar players feel that learning to read music is either beneath them, too difficult, or simply couldn't be bothered.(I can read music, but not well, So all three of the foregoing factors, likely attach to me, at one degree or another). Were you to read the notes contained on a single note staff, you would find they're the same notes in the marked guitar chord. Although, the "inversion" might be different. Another way to put that is, you might play an C open chord on the guitar, but what's actually written for the piano, might actually translate a C barre chord at the 8th fret.

If you need more of an answer than that, please post back and try to explain what you do know about the piano, reading music, or anything else you think we need to know to better assist you.
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