Hi folks,

I've been visiting this site for many a year now, mostly sticking to the news and ofcourse the tabs, but now I am venturing into the forums as I need a bit of specific advice.

I purchased and have used an ibanez S470dxqm way back in 2006 (I think?) and last year my tremolo bars holder finally snapped. I've read that this was a common problem when the original ZR tremolo had worn down. So now that I finally have a bit of spare money to afford something as trivial as a replacement I have a question for any with the knowledge.

Is it possible to replace the tremolo, not the bridge, with an Edge Pro?

I always disliked the screw in nature of the ZR and so if I could replace it with the Pro it would be a big plus. If it's not possible, I'm sure I'll live with a simple straight up replacement for the ZR with the updated materials.