Hey all, new to the forums so apologies if i am re-hashing an old thread or posting in the wrong place!

I have played electrics in the past, but have taken a long break and has now been near 10 years since I last played. Finally I am getting the urge to start playing again.

My needs are pretty simple, something cheap (in case 6 months down the line it turns into an ornament!) and something which will handle rock/metal playing. so far I have narrowed my options down to 3:

1) get a new Epiphone LP or SG. Always liked the style of SG's and can get one (Korean built I think) for £124 as new.
2) increase my budget a bit and look around for 2nd hand deals. I have seen some nice ESP's, higher spec SG's and Ibanez for around the £200 mark.
3) get a DIY kit and build my own. £120 can buy a PRS style model which I have always liked.

Obviously these choices will come down to personal preference. I personally like the idea of building / staining my own and I have the tools required to do it (and the patience!) however I am aware that beyond the body / neck, the electronics included in the kit might be pretty average or just plain crappy.

So my main question would be: In terms of sound quality when plugged in, would a DIY kit sound any worse than a bog-standard Epi SG? Or would you advise to just steer clear of DIY kits altogether?

Thanks for reading, hoping someone can offer some advice!
DIY kits seems like a good deal on the surface, but realize that you also have to purchase lacquers, the tools you'll need to level the frets (cheap kits never come with level frets), the pickups and hardware on these cheap kits is always awful, and the quality of the guitar at the end of it entirely depends on your level of skill and the tools you have available.

If you want to get the best quality guitar for your money, the vast majority of the time it is far more cost effective to buy a guitar you don't need to build first. kits that cheap are pretty crappy in general. Depending on the guitar's design, it takes just as much effort to build a guitar from a high quality kit as it does a poor quality one, so it only makes sense to me to buy a high quality one if building something for the satisfaction of building something is a key part of your goal, and you end up with a much nicer guitar too.

Buying a cheap guitar because you're afraid of losing too much money if you don't like it is a false economy. As you probably know from acoustics, cheap guitars generally don't have the same level of playability and don't sound or look as inspiring. That works against you when you're trying to get into a new instrument so it sort of creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. The most economical approach is to get the highest quality guitar you can possibly afford. Expand your budget if doing so will get you the guitar you really want, and if doing so won't leave you financially crippled.

If you go used, no only are you getting far more bang for your buck, but you won't have to face the issue of depreciation, provided you look after it.
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Thanks for the reply and some clarification. By 'turning into an ornament' I didn't mean specifically not liking the guitar, more that I might not get as much use out of it as planned. If I were to play regularly and get back into it full time, I would look to make improvements or simply replace with something nicer.

Good points made about the quality of DIY kits, I hadn't thought about issues with the neck or fretboard tbh. Would definately be a waste of time and money if the neck is not spot on.

I think I will stick with my original plan of getting an Epi LP or SG, maybe look into a kit further down the line should I really get back into playing. Should suit my needs since I will only be playing through a mini amp in my bedroom.

Thanks again for the advice
^ Which one are you looking at? They aren't all equal.

Quote by T00DEEPBLUE

If you go used, no only are you getting far more bang for your buck, but you won't have to face the issue of depreciation, provided you look after it.

That's not necessarily true. If the market changes significantly from the time you bought, you could still lose money. I know a lot of people are saying it's a really bad time to sell at the moment (because of the recession?) and that it's very much a buyers' market. If you bought when it was more a sellers market you could still lose money.

Also if you overpay when you buy used you could lose money too

Don't get me wrong, it'll usually still be much less depreciation than if you bought new- but you can lose money even if you buy used. Especially if you need to sell in a hurry.

I agree with the rest of your post, though.
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