Intro is cool, I like the sweep transition into bar 6. Bar 6 riff in particular is okay but it seems a little "messy" on first listen, maybe I'll get used to it (and I know, I'm one to talk right?) Same thing with bar 20, I feel like having the octave stuff in track 1 is a bit overkill, though I can hear the idea you were going for.

Chords in bar 29 are sick.

Bar 35 is an interesting progression, I'll have to listen for it again. Seems like it'd be something that should make another appearance.

44 is fucking great. and 56 is giving me feels. stop.

Solo is good, I like the grace notes and slides and whatever peppered throughout. It's easy to forgo those things when you're writing in GP. Ayy 92, it made another appearance. Good.

why is the chord at 113 so good? There was a resolution to it that I hadn't really heard previously in the song.

Back into the feelsy riff. I told you to stop.

Huh, that was an unexpected ending. I feel as though I'd have to listen multiple times to really wrap my head around the structure of the song - that is, to understanding emotionally what the structure is trying to imply. Maybe I'm thinking too hard though, and you just slapped a bunch of riffs together in some semblance of coherence (kinda what i do too). overall it was enjoyable, although it seemed a little short.