Hello buds, the time has come for me to leave my lovely Jackson KE3 PRO skull (japanese).
The problem is, i bought it in 2008, and cant remember the price.
I've found some guy on ebay selling the exact same model at 1500U$D, but theres others around 700-1000U$D (1 solid colour, etc), cant really figure if that's a good price for me to sell it.

Some specs: has 24 jumbo frets, seymour duncan JB TB4 bridge, Seymour duncan Jazz SH2N neck, licensed jackson floydrose double locking.


Here is a photo of the actual color and model, cant find anything on the jackson web, only has info about eeuu guitars

Thank you very much!
MSRP was $1450 in '08 according to the Jackson price list. Street price in North America would've been in the $900-1000 ballpark. The Skull graphic was the most expensive graphic.

You're not gonna' like my evaluation.

Japanese pro series models can be had used in most North American markets in the $300 range quite readily. Even less. The market is flooded and great deals are everywhere from people desperate to sell.

You'll see inflated prices all over the internet by uniformed sellers, but do they sell? Some may be bought by uniformed buyers.
If you wanna' find out what someone is willing to pay put it on ebay and watch the offers.

Otherwise, I'd say put $400 and cross your fingers. Neck thru pro series Jacksons can be had used starting around $500.
Of course, you could put a high price and catch a big fish. Try and see.

Here are some Japanese Pro series models that sold new in the same price range as the KE3. As I mentioned, the skull graphic was the most expensive finish, as much as $300ish MSRP more than a black or white finish, but those graphics are loved and hated...so it may actually cut down on potential buyers.


Note that some include a hard case. Competition is tough in the used market today.
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^ Agreed. There's a ton MIJ Pro Jacksons on the market. Sellers began selling them at low prices to encourage a fast sale and then when one person did it, to remain competitive, everyone else had to start doing it too. Then to encourage a fast sale among prices that were already low, sellers began selling them even cheaper again, and it lead to a continuous downward spiral from there.

This is why UG recommends these guitars so often to people. The buyers have crushed the asking prices to nothing.
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Yup unless it is one of the early 90's "Pro" series with the 6 digit serial and neck through you are probably not going to get $1000 out of it, mid 200's MIJ's are a dime a dozen and in the $250-$500 depending on the model the features and condition.
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That is actually a really nice info, not even mad.
Good thing that in my country even 300U$D is a lot of cash lol
Thank you guys, really helped me!
Overseas markets will no doubt bring in more cash simply from the smaller abundance of Jacksons... I'd assume.