Hey, I'm not promoting my music. I'm asking for feedback to improve it. I have been making music for like 15 years. I've learned to play guitar, drums and bass. I'm not great at any of them. I haven't mastered them but I enjoy creating songs on my own and doing each part. I can't sing so I do this rock/rap vocal thing like rage against the machine. Most people don't like it.

I have put so much time, energy and money in my music and I still feel like it's not great. I'm not going to give up though because I love doing it. It sounds pathetic but my goal in with making music isn't to become famous or make a money, I just want people to like it. I want fans. Even if it's like 10 or something lol. I just want people to connect with my music but I feel people don't. I don't know what I'm missing. I have also made comical songs and I have received much more positive feedback with those but I prefer to make serious songs. I want someone to tell me what to do to make my songs better. I have tried AudioKite to get reviews. That tells me how much people hate my song, but not how to get better. Where do I go to learn song composition and performance advice?

Here is a link to my song "The Crowd" I did everything. I wrote the lyrics, vocal, drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, mixing and mastering. I call my band, Hiding Goliath even though it's just me. Here's my bandcamp: https://hidinggoliath.bandcamp.com/track/the-crowd