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Millennials are just about as racist as their parents

When it comes to explicit prejudice against blacks, non-Hispanic white millennials are not much different than whites belonging to Generation X (born 1965-1980) or Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964). White millennials (using a definition of being born after 1980) express the least prejudice on 4 out of 5 measures in the survey, but only by a matter of 1 to 3 percentage points, not a meaningful difference. On work ethic, 31 percent of millennials rate blacks as lazier than whites, compared to 32 percent of Generation X whites and 35 percent of Baby Boomers. (Question wording and methodology at the end).

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No but my grandparents and an aunt or two may be, but only very slightly.
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Mine arent (at least not openly) but everybody has a casually racist uncle, right?
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mom and dad (and grandmother and oldest uncle) aren't overtly or maliciously racist.

they say some ignorant shit from time to time, but they also listen to reason for the most part.

grandfather is pretty prejudiced all around, but he's legit probably had undiagnosed dementia for a while now, so eh... it's not worth arguing with someone with a tenuous grasp on reality.

grandmother, slightly but more like my mom and dad as far as willing to listen to reason.

youngest uncle, totally. all around bigot. also essentially a man child and not unlike my grandfather.

aunt & uncle (married), yeah pretty fucking racist. absolutely despise Indians and casually use tons of racial slurs. particularly about black people.

i can understand how your view of urban african americans can end up sullied when you work in bad neighborhoods, but i don't see it as a valid excuse. they also have some fairly concerning scientific racism type opinions they voice from time to time. thry contradict themselves a lot tho because they do have some semblance of understanding as far as institutional racism tho. it's weird.
My mother is part native american and white while my father is half asian and half black. It's pretty difficult for them, and by extension myself, to be racist.
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In terms of acting out in a racist way I'd say no, but there is definitely a sense of superiority they hold over certain races, nations. For example my dad has a Portuguese guy that works for him and they're basically equals in every way, but if you're from the Middle East then you're all pakis. Pretty much everyone in my family uses the word paki as a blanket term for a middle eastern person, and while they may not really hold any certain predjudices when they say it, it definitely does connotate they view them as inferior, especially annoying when they call people pakis when they're clearly not from Pakistan and they're from India lol.

My brother worries me sometimes. Only last week he was talking about how he's going to be a dick to the pizza guy if he's a "paki". There is definitely prejudice in him. Proud UKIP Brexiter also no surprise. Worst thing is though is that he is dabbling in politics and any hope of him seeing things differently is going to be a miracle given the current climate of politics with the loudest representations of both left and right being facist, and the right being the side that is addressing his sometimes valid concerns.
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my parents aren't overtly racist but they do make mildly racist assumptions

my grandma was definitelyyyyy racist

edit: actually I'd go as far as to say that my parents are 100% not racist and they definitely do their absolute best to be open and kind to all types of people. racial politics are definitely not their forte though.

they're definitely prejudiced against other religions
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My grandfather was pretty racist towards black people according to my mom. My grandmother not so much, she knew that there were good and bad people regardless of race. My grandparents on my dads side seem to be pretty much the same to a lesser extent. My dad isn't so bad, but he can say so bigoted shit sometimes.
Yeah my Dad and his partner are pretty racist. Found out on the weekend they want to vote for Pauline Hanson even though they have no right to vote in Australia. With them its weird though, they can be racist, but then be good friends with people of that race. But they complain heaps about what other races do. Another thing with them is whenever you tell a story (say a customer service issue story) or they tell a story they tell, they always ask what nationality the person is or say the nationality of the person if they're telling the story as if it really matters.

I think though that the racism they exhibit is a product of their generation, if you grew up in the country and didn't tune in to the hippy bullshit and smoke the reefer. I'm reminded of a yarn back when I was working in pubs. The Licensee was an old bloke from the country and there was some 80's cricket with Australia vs India playing one day and it showed a shot of the crowd where they had a huge banner saying "Go home curry munchers." I was pretty shocked and the Licensee just turned to me with a wry smile and said "Ahhh, the good old days."

There was nothing malicious in his expression, he said it jokingly with a bit of truth. Just seems that to them racism was a part of life and you didn't get hung up on it. A simpler time. But the things my Dad and his partner say do disgust me but I've been lecturing them on it for over 25 years so meh what can you do.
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Worth mentioning that my parents, especially my mum is very predjudiced against Londoners and other Southern English lol. She watches all the soaps besides Eastenders because they're from the south and she doesn't like southerners LOL. Apparently she doesn't like them because 1. Their accents and 2. Because they think they're better than everyone else. Funny because she's scouse and thinks she's better than them.
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My mum can say some odd racist things every now and again (paki etc.) and hold some dodgy racial sterotypes and I tell her off for it but whenever I've seen her interact with these people eg. the Sri Lankan owner of the local corner shop, Polish builder etc. she gets on well with them and speaks very highly of them. So she has sort of a bit of a racist attitude but then in practise she's fine
Dad occasionally makes a passe joke, but there's very little ideological behind it. Mum does this thing where she'll see that thing in the Olympics about Russians cheating and then hold a grudge against Russian people. I tell her she's an idiot for doing that but she can't see wood for trees.

Step mum I'm not sure. Step dad is the sort who globalises his experiences and therefore all Romanians are travellers etc etc.
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What's this about ****ing corpses? My UG senses were tingling.
Well, my dad saw a black man in a supermarket on TV, and immediately said "bet he isn't going to pay for it," and he's also referred to West Brom's new Chinese owners as "the chinks in charge" and he makes fun of my Thai aunt's accent whilst she's actually in the same room, so I'm going to go with maybe.
My parents are a lot more racist than me or my sister.
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My parents are a tad racist, I generally put it down to living in a very non diverse communities. I don't think they're actually prejudiced per se, but they'll say stupid things like "The lovely asian family down the road" without realising how bad it sounds
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my parents have never expressed any racial prejudices ever.

then again, my mother is black and bounced between england and jamaica and my father is white and grew up in japan and america, which made them both pretty open minded towards other cultures and races. they were usually the subject of racial shit actually (main reason why we ditched america, people were very overt about it there (still kinda are))

there are a few in the extended family with some sketchy attitudes though, but we don't really associate much with them any more.

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Yeah not overtly or outside family but it's been ingrained in them so I definitely hear about it at home.
Only against DABs, and they're not really a race. Just bastards.
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Quite a bit, the specifics of which I don't want to go in to.

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my grandmother is actually interesting as far as being the child of Italian immigrants in NJ. (her father was an alcoholic and super racist)

i'd think she probably grew up largely being taught his standard for bigotry until she took a trip down south as a teenager and witnessed segregation firsthand and it horrified her. she had always known about it from news and school etc, but there was a disconnect where she didn't actually understand the scope of it all.
My parents are massively bigoted, opinionated and crude and it makes my life living hell sometimes

Thankfully they aren't as bad in public but in private they're honestly garbage sometimes
Nah.... my parents hate everyone the same
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I am a Generation Xer my parents are baby boomers my mom has never really said anything that I would construe as racist, my dad from time to time tells racist jokes and I have heard him say some racist remarks in anger but he is not outworldy racist as for it to be obvious. Most of my friends father's as pretty extreme when it comes to this subject they were all around before the civil rights movement.

It seems to be less of a factor with each generation even if the progression is slow, I doubt it will ever not be a factor as some folks from most races seem to be hell bent on perpetuating racism.
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I am definetely more racist than my parents, but my grandpa on the otherhand, he was the most racist of all time. Damn, those times when we'd watch the olympic games and some negros stepped on the court, still brings tears into my eyes. I miss him.
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I am definetely more racist than my parents, but my grandpa on the otherhand, he was the most racist of all time. Damn, those times when we'd watch the olympic games and some negros stepped on the court, still brings tears into my eyes. I miss him.

A tad, but not really. When I was 14-17 though, I was very apposed to even the most slightly racial comment that they would make. A little SJW-ish tbh.......
Gen X here, never heard anything remotely racist from my mom, nothing particularly overt from my dad. His mom though... I think that was the first time I'd experienced full-on racist behavior. It was pretty shocking to me.
IS IT RACIST TO BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN RACE ? Do you put some others over your own? Obama biggest racist there is...
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No, but they are homophobic.

I think it would be interesting to investigate this together with whether one's parents are racist.

Mine are not homophobic, but the way they talk about bisexual and transgender we people could be construed as prejudiced. This is because bisexual and transgender people are accepted (and in many contexts, considered sacred) by their culture and they have special roles in society as a result. I think my parents are just starting to realize the importance of using preferred names/pronouns and not misgendering others because they essentially see everyone as genderfluid.

And as I said earlier, they are racist but no one would know by their actions.
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No, but they are homophobic.

I'm a baby boomer.
While my mom doesn't say extremely racist things, she does blurt out a word or two now and then that would appear racist but, she's not really racist.
At least not around me.
Probably just a product of her generation.

But homophobic? Holy crap. EXTREMELY homophobic.
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it is affluent white northern racism, so it is all more covert & insidious than saying "the n word" or telling racist jokes or being worried about the black family down the street. it is more like "I'm not racist but can't we go back to the reagan years when we didn't have to talk about race obama is making it worse #maga."

they didn't really talk about politics or race when I was a kid, so I was a blank slate to be socialized by leftist punk & academia.
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