So yeah, I have ultra enormous sweaty hands that's enough to make a droplet of sweat. Before when my hands are dry (very rare), I can do bar chords so easy, but when it is wet, I can't do it because my thumb is slipping off the back of the neck, loosing grip! I've tried baby powder and other stuff that stops sweat but nothing works on me, and even makes it more worse.

I have this thing in my mind to put a small piece and thin cloth just on the thumb. So that when I am doing bar chords, the thumb would not slide off the neck anymore. Is that very advisable? I've tried that one and it really works. I just want to know if it is okay to do that. So right now, I am playing bar chords with a small thin cloth on my thumb, and it really does work when I am doing bar chords. It doesn't slide anymore and I have a good grip. About lead guitar, it has no effect on my playing. So yeah.

I was going to suggest the baby powder, but I just noticed you say that didn't work for you. I guess its worth trying your cloth idea or anything else you can come up with. You don't lose anything by experimenting.
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have you tried handwarmers before playing?
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hecks Nah man. Based on my experience when my hands felt warm or hot heat, it tends to wet more. Tbh I have hyperhidrosis, so anytime of the day my hands are fully wet...