hi everyone. i've practiced playing along with my favourite bands on my home drum kit.

it's not really a drum kit though because i cant afford.
Snare: pillow
Hi-hat: pillow
kick: hitting my foot against the floor
crash: hitting a different pillow

i dont know how to practice drums. i made a similar post before, but i didnt mention that i dont own a kit. how do i learn to use the kick drum and how can i make a substitute for a kick drum with home materials.
Geez, I can think of no way to mimic an actual pedal.

But, I did exactly what you're doing as a kid 35 years ago. I used a couple dartboards for cymbals that I rigged up a hi-hat and cymbal stand for. Can't recall what I used for stands.

What you're doing now will developed your skills somewhat, but you're gonna' need to bite the bullet and get a kit to fully learn the feel and techniques.

When I finally got a few used drums at 13 I could actually play because of my pillow-practice.
Cardboard boxes can make good drums (actually a famous producer used to to use cardboard boxes and recorded them in a bath to get his famous drum sound - so they say).
Tin lids can make good cymbals.
Make sure, at least, that you buy some proper drum sticks so you can get used to holding them properly.
Yeah, there're endless things to make 'drums' out of. Those pesky pedals are hard to make at home, though.

As long your feet are keeping time, you're at least practicing in a proper manner.
what is the proper technique to kick? my friends at school who take drum lessons told me that you shouldn't use your heel and use your whole leg.
Electronic kit and lessons my friend...

You can buy an ekit super cheap these days and at least you would have a "real" kick drum to play.
Quote by kringekidtaco
what is the proper technique to kick? my friends at school who take drum lessons told me that you shouldn't use your heel and use your whole leg.

That's kinda' hard to answer.
There's the heel up technique which involves lifting your leg, and the heel down which involves using your ankles. Heel up is far more common and by far the best technique to use if you want to play fast or with power.

I use heel up, but even using heel up you do use your ankles a bit for quick notes such as doubles.

I'm guessing your schoolmates are telling you to keep your heel up instead of flat on the pedal? I'd tend to agree. I can personally only think of one heel down rock drummer and he was a studio drummer that was big in the '80's...JR Robinson. I remember reading an interview with him decades ago.

I'm not up on the double bass drumming techniques, so it's possible there are heel down techniques that allow for speed.
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If you cant buy a drum kit, try to find an old Rock Band drum set from the video game..its got the pedal and you can hack it on your computer. I saw one at goodwill for like 6 bucks. If anything you can somewhat learn rudiments. Try to learn your hand stuff now while you don't have a kick. Use a mouse pad on a desk. Paradiddles all day. Stop using pillows because you're not getting any relative bounce.

Also, Heel up. Even when practicing without a kick.