I like to sing and i think that i have some kind of control on my voice but i just cant figure it out how to sing high notes!
I already watch many of the youtube voice teachers and i cant figure it out ... mix voice?! what is it?! how does it feel?!
im very composed by this!
right now i can hit (F2)F#2 - F4(G4 in a very good day) in what i think is chest voice,
and my head voice or falsetto i can hit (G3)A3 - B5(C#6) . (for me falsetto and head voice are the same except that falsetto is more airy.)

where do i go wrong? and maybe i dont wrong and this is my range and i have to accept it?

Here you can listen to my voice: (I didnt put any effect on it!)

I will also be glad to know what is my voice type according to range and texture (its difficult to judge yourself..)

Thanks. (by the way my english isnt that good so i hope its understandable)
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I like your voice, it has a nice color to it. I dunno why, but i imediately imagined you singing that song from the Desperado movie that Antonio Banderas sings

That being said, to me it sounds strained and closed up on the high notes. Basicly you need to work on your position, pronounciation, vowel placement and support (so singing from the right place and breathing properly). You also sound kinda pitchy in a few parts, but id chalk that down to nerves and unfamiliarity with the material.

Now what is the easiest way to learn this? By getting a good teacher. My progress was marginal in the first few years when i used youtube videos and such. It takes someone who knows what they are doing, to observe you while you sing, and make corrections in a way you can understand them. Once you get a teacher tho, you will see yourself progress very fast, at least in the start.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
I always too harsh with myself when i try to judge my voice, and your words comfort me and give me some balance.
Ill try to work on the things you said and hopefully i will see progress.
by the way, i know i had some problems with the song, this record made just after I heard the song for the first time so it was just for fun .
Ariel012 Everyone is hars about their voice Even after 10 years of active singing in bands and recording, i still cringe when i hear my voice on record
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.