Tonight is a bad night.

I decided to try and learn how to do pinch harmonics. I actually started to make some progress but I realised I was really struggling to transition from my normal picking grip and the grip I needed to do a pinch harmonic, so I looked online for advice.

Turns out I hold the pick wrong and I don't think there's any way I can really pull off that transition. I hold it similar to the recommended way, but I don't curl my finger round. My index finger is pointed at the point of the pick.

I've tried to just change my grip but it feels so wrong, I've got no idea how I could possibly strum like that. Any advice is appreciated. I don't want to change the way I hold the pick but I will if I have to.
I think theres like 4 posts goin on rn about proper pick holding. Don't freak, just adapt and change
"ba doo doo ba doo doo ba doo daa"
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