Im looking for a 212 guitar combo that would go with a wampler tripple wreck distortion pedal for metal distortion.
Can anyone help me?
need budget and to know where you are. why not get an amp that does metal distortion?
I only want to spend around 500 bucks and im in anaheim california. I love pedal distortion.
May want to find out what amps wampler uses to develope his pedals. You'll be going used at $500.
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Quote by Chladely
I only want to spend around 500 bucks and im in anaheim california. I love pedal distortion.
I love using pedal distortion because it is much easier to get those levels of distortion from a single channel amp by using a "distortion button", compared to having to change my amp settings every time I need the distortion. BUT typically, amp distortion is going to be better than pedal distortion. Most typical metal tones are had by getting a "metal-voiced" amp, cranking it to a thick crunch, then boosting it just a bit over the top with an overdrive pedal like a Tubescreamer. Buying an amp FOR a pedal is a little counter productive, then, wouldn't you think?

That said, Wampler does good stuff and I imagine any proper tube combo, within reason, would work fairly nicely with his drive pedals. But if you have not bought the Triple Wreck yet, I would strongly suggest to bump your funds with it and look for something like the Peavey 6505 used, and snag a TS9 while you are at it.
^ yeah pretty much. i mean, it's his call of course, but buying an amp to suit a pedal (especially for this style of music) is kind of backwards, as you said. But if that's what he wants, that's fair enough.
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