hello, i'm looking for a Ltd Kh-202 to buy (Brazil) and i've found one online but, by the pictures i can't see if there's any problems with it.
the price of one new is R$2350 and the dude is selling for R$2000 with a Hard Case and a string pack.
should I be careful?

one thing that i've spotted is that after the locking nut, the piece seems a little rusty, and the guy is saying that is a "almost new guitar"

the pictures:

Lots of them for sale on Reverb $400-$500 range. I would not pay $2000 for one new or used.

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Its not in dollars. I live in brazil, the price is in Reais (R$) and for importing, the taxes will make the value go even higher.
Here, the average price of the budget guitars like jackson js32 or ibanez rg370fmz is R$2300...
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According to the currency exchange that is $624 is US$ that is a bit on the high side here in the US but I suppose availability may be a factor in Brazil so if that tier of guitar typically sells for around R$2300 then it may be OK.

Things depreciate quite a bit here in the U.S. what about there in Brazil?
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The price here is always skyhigh because of the taxes. Everything, especially eletronics are so much overtaxed, sometimes 40% of the value or more + because of the considerably low avaliabilty like you said, the sellers throw it even higher.

I was a little concerned because, like it can be seen in the pictures, this is the 2008-09 model. And that its the only one in good conditions that ive found. new, i just could find one single shop offering it.
The newer version (w/case and the stickers "caution") stays around R$ 3500-3900!!!
Because of the low of the real in comparison to dolar, in the last years, all the prices went up. My guitar (js30kv) is selling used by the same amount that i have bought it new 6 years ago
Sounds like the used market is far different than the US/Canada, but that's not at all surprising. The market here is flooded, so prices can be dirt low.

I'm not seeing any rust near the nut. The screws around the pickups seem rust free also.

In the end you'll have to make your own mind up whether it's for you or not. Seems like the price is in line with the market in Brazil, no?

Is that an acoustic guitar case?
The price for a guitar + case is really nice.
The case is a Michael for strats i think.

So you guys think is in really good conditions for the price? Or is better for me just to wait and pick up a new one? (2000 to 2350 price). I have a feeling that even the new one must be stuck in the shop for a while too, and i may have to send it to a luthier anyways..

I'd need to pick up both guitars to determine which is the better deal.

We're talking about $620 USD used, with case... versus $730 USD new, with warranty. Are there taxes, fees, shipping etc. on those prices?
Used guitar:
Return option? Private sale, so I'll guess no return.
Will it need a setup or has the owner kept it set up well?

If it's in good shape and set up well I'd take it and have a case, plus I'd save $100+ and maybe more if the new model needed a setup. Most retailers I've dealt with will set them up for free, but I assume things are different everywhere.

New guitar:
Warranty (I'd assume?)
Return option?
New condition
No case
Possible setup fee?

Are you able to play either guitar before you purchase? That's an important aspect. It may change some of my earlier comments.
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Both of them are free shipping, but i can't try any of them since both are more than 1000km away from me and i'm a 19 year college student haha xp
The used one has a "buyer's protection" from the website in case of misleading or broken product and etc, so, if there is any big problems, im relatively safe.

The new one i still have to contact the shop to learn more about it
Buying online is risky even for the most experienced buyer. I'm afraid there is no simple answer. Protecting yourself with the safest refund policy is your only defence.

I'd like to say the new guitar is the safest and best choice, but it may not be.
well. after a while, I kinda give up on used for now. i just can't trust much the other owners to take the same care to the guitars that i did with mine.

but, taking advantage of the topic, did you guys know the quality of the low budget deans? the MAB4 are so cheap around here in comparison to the RG370FMZ and LTD m100fm that are my other options.