Prologue: I've missed pretty much every hype guitar. I missed a chance at getting a blackmachine. I missed a chance at getting a blackwater. All the good hype guitars. I'm all about not missing the hype this time around. I ran into a used guitar in a Hong Kong guitar store. Love at first sight


My Skervesen 4AP. Skervy is riding the hype wave hard right now. I think a new build from them is around 6 months+. Their most popular model is the Raptor which is sick...but I love my weird chambered guitars. This is the model I was emailing them about a few months ago.

Fit and Finish: It's awesome ya'll. here are the specs.
AAAAA Grade Bookmatch Quilt Maple Top
Ash body
Flame Maple/Wenge neck
Bird's Eye Maple Fingerboard

That quilt top is for real. The finish is beautiful. The back of the body is great. Even the neck is flamed. the fretboard has figuring. The wenge stripe is a wenge stripe. The guitar weighs about as much as an Ibanez S. It's also smaller then an Ibanez S. I love this body shape.

Playability: this is easily my favorite neck I have ever played. When I played it in the store I was convinced the scale length was longer then 25.5. Sadly, it isn't. However, this is the only 25.5 7 string that I've gotten along with. The scale length feels longer. The neck is perfect. It's not as thin as the Wizard but it is tapered and shaped so that your hand is always comfortable. I've never had a wenge stripe neck. I love having that texture there now. The only issue is the neck heel. I've played a few neck-throughs recently and I think if I were to order a new version of this guitar it would have to be a neck-through. The last 2 frets on this are basically un-usable. My Kiesel dc7x has better fret access.

Sound: BKP Aftermath pickup
3-way stwich Full Humbucker/Coil Split/Ele Acoustic Mode
Aftermaths sound great. I'm not convinced on the acoustic mode.

Value: This guitar new would be as much as the Tom Anderson 7 I specced out years ago. This guitar is much more djenty. I didn't get along with that Anderson at all. I think Skervesen quality wise is along their with my other Andersons. In the states...I think Kiesel would still win out. The cost difference is just too big.

This guitar is easily my favorite guitar right now. It is so comfortable to play. It sounds amazing. I have 3 or 4 other builds I'm waiting on to finish..but after that I would definitely get another Skervesen.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Epic guitar, im myself polish and believe me, almost no one is capable of purchasing these guitars here. They are perfection, so is Mayoness. Great find and 25'5 Holds fine down to G1 even.

Hope it will server you for years

Wish i had one of these, sticked to Ibanez, Esp
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Epic guitar, im myself polish and believe me, almost no one is capable of purchasing these guitars here. They are perfection, so is Mayoness. Great find and 25'5 Holds fine down to G1 even.

Hope it will server you for years

Wish i had one of these, sticked to Ibanez, Esp

Ya I've been wanting to try out one of these for a while. Even though the raptor is the most popular model, they are doing some other really interesting stuff with body shapes.

Nothing wrong with ibby though. An prs se mark holcomb and an ibby jbm27 are all the guitars anyone really ever needs.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
at first i wondered if that was an alien vs predator sticker.

too many japan auction pics, sorry. min that looks insane. holy shit.
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Absolutely beautiful congrats
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That is a gorgeous guitar! Congrats to you!
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How are the coil split sounds? I think we're polar opposites in what we like in a 7 string, besides the chambering.

Give me your Anderson
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How are the coil split sounds? I think we're polar opposites in what we like in a 7 string, besides the chambering.

Give me your Anderson

heh, I already sold my anderson 7. I think it was mainly the fret wire. Never spec medium fretwire. That neck was super comfie as well though. You sell me your anderson.

Split coils are ok. The splitting and acoustic modes definitely give you seem different sounds. The difference in output levels is pretty severe though.
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Cool guitar! I've never played a 7 string, I wouldn't even know where to start.
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Most_Triumphant They are no harder to play than a 6 string,man.

Very nice, Min.
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Finally got a chance to take the kids out for a stroll.

The skervesen is tiny. It's actually much shorter then the ibanez S which is already very small.

shorter then my prs. Although that huge headstock makes up some of the difference.

Ibanez S still wins the thin game.

not quite as contoured as my anderson.

Thickness is about the same though.

Random thoughts -

Sound in order.

Bare Knuckle Pickups Ceramic Warpigs in the PRS. This guitar sounds amazing. So much midrange growl. The best sounding guitar and pickup combo I have ever played. I actually put the warpigs in a les paul and another prs at one point and I didn't think they worked as well. Warpigs need a guitar that is bright as heck.

Bare Knuckle Pickups Nailbomb in the Ibanez S. This also sounds great. Not as angry as the warpigs but has some snarl. Warpigs sounded very flat in this guitar. Ibanez agrees that this is a great combo. The Upper Cut S Prestige guitars all come with matching nail bombs.

Bare Knuckle Pickups Aftermath in the Skerversen 4ap. Warpigs get a bit tubby in 7strings. The aftermath fixes that problem. Not as tight on the B as the warpig is on the E but it works.

Anderson Hum canceling high out tele pickup in the Warmoth Baritone. Not pictured. It doesn't sound bad. I don't know what else to use for a hum canceling tele bridge. BKP makes a high output tele bridge but it doesn't hum-cancel.

Suhr SSV+ in the Anderson Baritone - This doesn't sound bad...but I think I can do better? Doesn't distort enough. Not angry enough. Going to try a BKP impulse here. The impulse was designed specifically for b-tuned baritones.

I have no clue. Kiesel LIthums in the DC7x. These don't sound bad. I've hard some bad pickups. No ice-pick. No weird overtones or any of that stuff. However, they don't sound great? They are very flat. Which is not a problem. These don't sound like they are voiced for tube amps at all. They are so flat...they probably work great in modelers.

Neck feel and playability.

PRS, Anderson, Skervesen - great shaped necks. I didn't like my anderson 7 neck but my baritone neck feels great. The hollow body 2 has the only prs neck I like. The skervesen is the best 25.5 inch seven string I've ever played.

Kiesel dc7x. This neck is too big. I would prefer a bit thinner with a shaped curve.

Ibanez S. As much as I like the S...I don't like wizard necks. They hurt my hand.

Random thoughts...neck-throughs have the best heel by far. But they are super heavy. like brick heavy.

Ok that's all.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Wow dude, the top looks like ocean ripples. Nice guitars, nice pad, nice everything. Can I come live with you?
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