Hey, you guys!

So I just started doing a couple tutorial videos on youtube and they're nothing super special, but I hope to add more in the future sharing some things that I've learned about writing music and working with midi and all that stuff.

The first one is all about importing your midi drum track into Guitar Pro 6! Which I think is extremely important to a lot of guitarists out there, as I think many people probably prefer working with the Piano Roll Editor in their favorite DAW as opposed to Guitar Pro's Drum Notation, but unfortunately, Guitar Pro doesn't make it easy for us. Fear no more!

My other tutorial video is a creative approach to writing new rhythm tracks by using things such as permutation, subdividing, and the subtracting of notes. This is really good if you have writer's block and want to come up with something that sounds interesting without investing too much mental energy into it.

I have a few others about how I write drums, what cymbals I use and where, how I write fills... mostly for people who aren't too familiar with sequencing drums, as I have no experience actually playing drums (my knowledge is limited compared to those who do play drums) I'm only sharing what I do, but you can find that on the channel as well if you are interested, but I feel the two up there are the ones that a lot of people would really enjoy.

So, if you guys like the videos feel free to subscribe and like it and share it! It's a new-ish channel (old account, but just started uploading content) so it could use some love!
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