Amp is a Fender Princeton 112 plus.

The volume on both channels go from 0 to piss off your neighbors with the slightest touch. From what I can see it is because of the type of pot they use for the volume controls. 50k30c according to the specs. I have found 2 fixes for the problem.

1 is to swap the volume pots out for the treble and bass pots because they have a more gradual change when you turn up. This means opening up the amp and hoping you don't snap any of the cheap plastic posts while you are at it.

2 I have checked around and there is a way to wire a seperate 250k or 500k pot to 2 1/4 jacks and plug it in to the FX in and out, so you can have a finer touch to tame it down. This is what I would like to try first as it is the least invasive option.

Here is the question and answer portion of the evening. The amp has Preamp out Power amp in instead of FX in and out. Will this work the same way and if so which lug of the pot should go to where?
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it works just as fx in/out , but im not geting what do you want to do.? To have a higher sweep range in dialing lower volume ? - iff yes, how about attenuator ? . about fx :will not the pots you intend to put before and/or after the fx chain afect just the fx signal? by that i mean the volume of the pedals in fx loop (will it not work as blend in to your amp signal)- (probably depends if its series or paralel loop but in my mind ,iff ur not having a cable conecting from output to input of the fx, that means that there is stil a signal going trough from preamp to power amp section) ??? correct me if im wrong.
Im not an know it all in amps. but ts just how i understand it.

and about the pot lugs - one goes to midle the other one on one or the other side (depends what u wired to the midle and iff u want to increase or decrease clockwise or anti clockwise)
The main problem is the pots on the amp are to hard to dial in a good bedroom level of volume. Going from 0 to 0.5 has a massive volume spike. any slight up turn of the knob and you can play over top of a drummer. it has to do with the type of pot the put in at the factory. Reverse log vs Linear taper vs Audio taper. The treble and bass pots are the type that allow you to gradually adjust the level and the volume pots are the reverse log.

What this extra volume should allow me to do is, have the amp to whatever volume I want and then use the extra one as a master volume. Since it will have a much more gradual sweep to it I can dial in a more precise volume level same idea as an attenuator I believe. That's the theory anyway. I am not an amp expert myself. I found a few fender forums where they mention this as a fix, but they don't give any explanation as to how it actually works or which lug on the pot goes where. I know lug #3 goes to ground, but not sure about the other 2

I bought the amp for the open jams where there isn't much space or need for the full rig.
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about fx :will not the pots you intend to put before and/or after the fx chain afect just the fx signal? by that i mean the volume of the pedals in fx loop (will it not work as blend in to your amp signal)

I wondered about this too. I assume it would be the same as having a volume pedal in your fx loop. Unfortunately the only info I have on this mod is from a decade old forum post on another site. All he said is that he wired two 1/4 cable jacks to a volume pot and plugged one into fx in and one into fx out. With the amp on 4 or 5 it will go right over top of a drummer. This mod is supposed to allow you to have the amp on 5 but have the separate volume in the fx chain to dial it down to 1 or 2 which is impossible to do with the built in volume controls.
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Yes Pre out> volume control> power amp in. That will tame the crazy beast in OD mode
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u know what that just got me thinking ,i remember i played on my guitar tone control , got the capacitor of and somehow conected the pot to the volume pot (now the tonepot without the cap is again volumepot (bare with me)) so i coud with the original volume pot do the volume sweep , and with the other one just a fragment ( like having a seperate volume controls for eatch pickups but it worked even while just one pickup was engaged.)) it sounded like iff u imagine had 2 speakers in a cabinet, and one pot was master volume for bouth speakers and the other pot woud be just for one speaker. u gett it ?
The same way u coud practicly fine tune your master volume on amp to work as u explaned.
id just have to experiment again to find what did i conect and where so i can tell u exactly.
I am going to try and mess around with it over the weekend and see what happens. I will report back on the outcome.
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So I tried with a shitty old pot and small plastic box to house it. it sort of worked but I think I had a bad connection or its a shitty pot. In the meantime I took my boss me20 and plugged it in the preamp/poweramp used the tuner/bypass mode which makes it strictly a volume pedal and it worked perfectly.

Now since I have an old wah pedal lying around, I am going to make a volume pedal out of it and start with a new pot.
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I approve on the volume pedal, the DIY shit helps me not to go crazy in these winter times.
have funn and post results
Success. Well at least partially. The wah to volume pedal conversion worked perfectly except that I have to mod it a bit so that the pedal stays in the position I want. (pedal keeps dropping) I plugged it in through the preamp/poweramp jacks and it allowed me to regulate the volume way easier than using the amps volume alone. Kept the tone and effects the same but just lowered the overall output. That being said, it also means that my idea of just wiring in a volume pot will work aswell.

Now the downside. It looks like there is a bit of a dodgy circuit somewhere in the preamp/poweramp section. Probably because of lack of use over the life of the amp. When I use it it will randomly cut out. I know it is not the pedal because I put it in the chain from the guitar and it worked fine the whole time.

I picked up a Traynor Reverb Mate 40 on a really good deal a few days ago also.(again just for something to take to the open jam nights) So rather than put a whole bunch of effort into tearing the amp apart and looking for some tiny cold solder crack, I will just sell it and pocket the difference between the 2 amps.

long story short... My original idea does work and it gave me something to do.