I am looking to make some shoegaze and ambient music and am looking for pedals to give me some strange and unique sounds. I already have my reverb picked out (Strymon Big Sky) and so I'm looking for a good delay. I watched this demo of the Avalanche Run and I want you to watch from about 6:00 to 7:00

These sounds are very interesting to me, especially coming form a delay pedal, at many points it sounds like a bitcrusher. I was wondering if these sounds are easy to produce and manipulate, if anyone has tried it before. Or if you know any other pedals that give these strange noises let me know. Thanks.
TheRedRaven I do not think you would be able to easily get those kind of tones without manipulating the controls during a song. I also feel like you are going to want quite a bit more functionality from your delay unit, especially for shoegaze, than what the Avalanche Run could provide (only one "sound" without adjusting the pedal?). Are you able to swing the Strymon Timeline? I am not sure if it has the ability to do bit-crushed delays but I would think it does. It will give you much more functionality for the complex trails you may need.
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Will Lane It was already hard enough to convince myself to invest in a $500 pedal. I don't think I would get a timeline. I was originally wanted the tc electronic triple delay because it is 300 and it has 3 delays in it. I have heard people say that it wasn't their favorite because of some issue of not having a global tap tempo or something but I think that would only make it difficult for live situations (which I'm not that concerned with)

Most of the music I want to make I want that spacey etheric sound, hence the bigsky, but I also want to have some "strange" effects. I know I am going to get the iron ether frantabit pedal - if you haven't heard it before i suggest you check it out it is very cool.