Hey UG fam!

I've been playing guitar (fingerstyle) for about two years. All self-taught using a how-to book and UG's awesome library and guitar tabs.

Ive learned a ton and gotten pretty good in general. I play every day and do daily finger exercises to build dexterity. Guitar for me among other things serves as therapeutic for a stressful part of my life that I am going through. My goal is to be able to write fingerstyle songs about this stuff as a sort of emotional output.

Where should I go to learn the fundamentals of fingerstyle songwriting? Learning three-finger chords? Barre chords? Other scales (already know and practice the pentatonic scale). Help!

Thanks for listening!
Well, with a couple of year's fingerpicking experience you probably have all the guitar playing skills you need. All you need now is that creative Muse
Garthman True! I've been writing simple fingerpicking stuff for a while. But I want a foundation for creating more advanced material. that's where I'm headed (or would like to be headed)...